Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey everyone

This blog is dedicated to talking about the ONE organization and how it impacted the global community by getting each local community involved in attempting to erase poverty from the world. You may have heard of the organization by seeing Bono from U2 promote it or saw the "red" clothing line at the GAP.

On Oct 17, Northside College Prep's ONE colloquium was able to get the entire school to participate in ONE's global event to stand up to erase poverty and injustice from the world. There were speakers talking about injustice and poverty in the world, a fundraising that raised $1500.00, and a feeling that left the student body and staff with an inspiration to do more. You can read more about this global event at the ONE web site. Pictures of the event are on the ONE web site.

Oct 17 proved that one person, community, and organization can make a difference. Now we need to follow up and make every day like Oct. 17.